@Defaultxlove you inspired me to show them off, so enjoy the tour! Highlights include:
The pothos in a bottle has been growing self-contained for 15 years, never trimmed. Occasionally I remove the bottle cap and huff the oxygen, returning CO2 😁🌬
I am especially happy about the vines growing on the bars over the windows. I feel especially drawn to vine type plants. I like how they clamber and seek ideal places to grow. One is a yard long bean, which is related to adzuki/mung and makes lovely flowers. There is an ornamental version called snail flower vine.
The datura is an especially welcome green friend. It’s energy is very grounding and cleansing for me. And protective because of the poisonous aspect. I love the idea of a garden of thorns and poison and vines 🧙‍♀️🧟‍♀️


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@Defaultxlove that is Datura, or Jimson Weed. It’s toxic to people and animals. Some people try to get high off of it by drinking a tea or eating the seeds but that usually ends badly. The leaves work super great as a topical pain reliever because they have a chemical called scopolamine. It makes big white flowers, like giant morning glory trumpets, and the hawk moths and bees love them. They grow in disturbed areas.


@OliveJewel thank you for all the information! oh my I just looked up the flowers 🙃 💕 😍 yeah that will be added to my life as soon as I can!

Today my daughter found the first ripe blueberry and said it was delicious! reminds me she doesn't like to garden that much, she said "I just like the eating part" 😅

we all work together though. my son and I can hang out in the garden all morning and he will offer to help me. <3 thankful for sharing the garden with the kids.
I've got plenty of weeding to do.


My time in the garden was quite pleasant this morning. It’s hot now so daily watering is a must. When I’m home I put up the shade umbrella for a little oasis feeling. It’s hard to convey how much I appreciate the plants. The mutual attention we give each other—I feel like my plants protect my space somehow, they give back to me—we are grateful for each other.

I went on a few walks with a professional herbalist years ago and she taught people how to connect psychically with plants. The physical medicine only a part of the healing, the love connection an important part too.

Although I’m protective of them, what I’ve realized from the transitions I’ve made is that when I have to leave them, their spirits come with me, and then when I settle down, they return to me. So while I love each of my plants, and I would be sad if I lost them all, I can start over if need be, because they are always with me. I have seeds. I know how to propagate. I could live without pets if I had to but not without plants 🌱 🪴!


I dug up and split my geraniums last year and they’re just going mad. They look so happy. The foxglove is flowering now and I love watching bumblebees shimmy into the flowers 🥹.

I’ve got this solar fairy lights over an arch and it looks so pretty. Shame I can’t get a decent picture of it haha.

Busy day in the garden today. The weeds are winning the battle. Creeping buttercup *shakes fist*.

Having a habit of discarding my gloves and a habit of biting my cuticles don’t mix. Forced to scrub them with the nail brush 😬.

My back is aching, I’ve got a farmer’s tan and my hands are like sandpaper. All is right with the world. 💚 🌻


I have to harvest my pumpkin. We have two small ones already. The one fairly big one is ready and no longer growing much if at all. I want to get it before it rots. There are about 4 more viable green ones that may or not get ripe. Everything was out of whack this year because we had no rain. The vines actually stopped growing awhile mid summer and came back in late August with a real burst of activity. Everything has gone fall now. I’ll get a few pics of my plants this afternoon. I Love gardening and got many compliments this year on my yard. Totally fun. All flowers except for the pumpkins.


The pumpkin patch. We have two very small ones already and there are 4 or 5 here we might get. The vines are going quick now. The sooty blotch wipes them out. It always wiped out all my climbers and creepers. It gets cool and damp in fall which is perfect for that kind of mold fungal disease. Have to be careful to get the pumpkins before the rot.