I’m struggling with container gardening. I’m constrained to have to use lots of containers where I’m at, but I also have lots of shade. I really want to grow herbs and edible/useful stuff or flowers. I’m thinking I need to get into a routine of adding amendments to my pots. And probably breaking up old roots before planting new stuff?

Does anyone who grows in containers use a soil amendment? Sometimes I add fresh compost but I’m not sure it’s enough or often enough. Maybe a quarterly schedule would be best 🤔

Also, I really need to research plants that like shade. If you have any shade-loving plants please share.
Does anyone who grows in containers use a soil amendment?
Black Gold
Blood meal
Bone meal
Worm castings
* People Pee

^^^ For their feet*
vvv For their leaves

Co2 spritzer (2 litre bottle of club soda)

* That’s my basic tomato blend above, which most of my container plants equally adore, or can at least cope with. Some need special blends. For actual tomatoes/tomato family plants I also add people-pee here and there. It was a lovely thing about having little boys! No peeing in a mason jar.

For “dirty” plants, (indoors) I stick all the pots in the bathtub once a week and run water through them until the water runs clear… the only additive I re-add are the worm castings, once every few weeks. For outdoor plants I just make sure to soak them wellest, as the toxins they excrete will filter out into the much larger area without any extra work on my part
I add compost to my containers, and some fertilizer. I have about a 90 day grow season so I combine half old soil with half I get out of a chicken area that has sat for a time. I also buy garden soil since most of the soil is crappy here. This year (in my spare time) I'm going to transfer some soil out of the chicken yard into a compost bin for next year's pots.
I live on a large property with several different kinds of gardens. I want to try doing a cottage garden this year. I've got it laid out for when the weather finally turns to spring here, but I'm still undecided on what to plant. I know I want hydrangeas and lots of color. Any suggestions?
I usually mix opiated poppies into my color gardens to “hide” them amongst the regular poppies and dahlias and such… because I don’t want people targeting my house to milk them, or rip them out by the roots, so putting them in my medical gardens in a no-go. They’re also illegal, but have plausible deniability mixed into all the rest. Because poppies are self seeding, they also add to the wild charm.