I'm making a small orchard in the front area. Last year I planted 2 apples and 2 cherries, this year I planted 2 pecan, 2 nectarine, and 2 peach. Wish me luck, it's hard to get trees started here. Oh, I also planted 12 fir trees and a maple.
I was going back & forth on the whole ‘break a leg” v ‘good luck’ v… would ‘break a branch” even correlate? Or is that just grafting? Hmmm.

Regardless, good fortune & prosperity.
My cottage gardens had dahlias, coneflowers, lilies, and any perennial that was on clearance at the garden center. My whole front yard was a cottage garden with paths through it. It was beautiful! I didn't grow roses, but I know they are popular with cottage gardens. I also had a few containers of blueberries and raspberries mixed in. I grew all my herbs there and artichokes too. I had beautiful hydrangeas too. You can do whatever you want with your garden. After I moved, the new owners cut down all the flowers and put in a lawn. I was horrified!
I just saw this. They mowed it down! How awful! I would have been devastated! Who doesn't want flowers?? It's been too cold here to start planting yet, but my husband marked it out (I think it's too small but he says if my chronic pain can handle it with the rest of the gardens we can make it bigger next year). I want lots of vibrant color. He tilled it for me last night. I have BIG ideas and lots of enthusiasm if spring ever gets here. I'm expanding my big fairy garden that I have for my grandkids this summer. The boys want a railroad. It's nothing big or fancy, but it's fun. I need to paint a Railroad Crossing sign for the yard and repaint some of my Christmas village pieces into depot buildings. My vegetable garden did terrible last year. I planted a huge crop of pumpkins because I paint characters and cute scenes on them and give them to the grandkids, all the little people we know, and donate them to kids' groups. I harvested a total of zero pumpkins. I was so disappointed! It sure saved me a bunch of time painting!
I want a railroad through my new garden too! I love them! I got 5 giant pumpkins last year and I'm planting more this year. They make great chicken food when I'm done with them. I live in a high desert, cold area in the winter, and up to 115 degrees in the summer, so veggies are hard to grow. I bought a bunch of short season tomatoes, and I will plant them in the shade. Maybe it will work.
. I bought a bunch of short season tomatoes, and I will plant them in the shade. Maybe it will work.
Stick a fan on them as sprouts, and move the fan, to a different direction, when they stop being flattened but are leaning into the wind. Repeat, from different directions, until they’re about 6-8 inches tall. Will create stalks almost wrist thick, and branches thumb thick or better, to YANK up nutrients, during the fruiting cycle. Seriously fast/sturdy/productive trick. Requires about twice as much water, though. Both because they are extra dirty/effective at ditching their toxins & thirsty/hungry to grow. Shaves about 20-30% off of expected vegetative & fruiting cycles.
In love with Korean lilac

Planting jasmine in a second (in a pot w/ trellis)

Oh I remember what I wanted to share haha

I bought myself a new ring last month or so it’s been symbolic in healing and new life forward etc.

Lost it recently

Just found it in my garden glove 🥰😂❤️