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I think this is the fifth summer we’ve been here and I’ve been filling one or two hummingbird feeders weekly or semi weekly. I’ve only seen one bird till today ! I have a ton of flowers this year and we noticed butterflies the last day or so and this afternoon I stepped outside and sat just to warm up in the heat a little, it’s been really hot and finally. I just hope they hang around and bring all their friends . I know it’s a small thing but it means a lot to me .
I moved the Serrano plant and it grew 16 peppers!🫢❤️

Hot peppers are my fav to grow in my area

The morning glory is taking off. I planted it in spring but the drought was tough at first so replanted. Really anxious for flowers (none yet)

Thank God for all the rain we did get

Broccoli is exciting


I’m still learning what works best in this garden but do feel more comfortable when I’m “connected” to a garden.
The first couple images of the pink morning glory were inside where it bloomed after being cut. You can see in one how the flower is translucent. I just love those . We are eating cherry tomatoes which were orphans they grew out of the compost . Lots. Making your own compost seems very successful of this last year is any indication.
Things are winding down but it was a great year for gardening . I didn’t water hardly at all and everything grew like the tropics . I had between 25 and 30 substantial pumpkins and a wildflower garden out front over 6 feet high plus the morning glories which just won’t quit. I have some out back right now that did not start till late summer and are up the back fence and pumping out flowers. They did wreck the zinnias a bit because they have to climb anywhere they can reach and eventually everything fell over from the weight of them. The neighbor has a couple pumpkins hanging on their fence that grew over from here. They might actually get another small pumpkin.