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@Defaultxlove are those blackberries?
Yup! I can’t wait!!
On the right I’m growing a fence . Those are several varieties of hedge from which I’m hoping for privacy. Flowering quince, forsythia, lilac, privet and regular hedge which is a slightly different variety.

Along the fence are pumpkins zinnias and morning glories . The zinnias and morning glories are just starting to flower. They are going to put on a great show.

In the corner in the compost heap that has a giant tomato growing pot of it and the pumpkin along the fence . Both orphans .
Beautiful @Mach123 ! In my town people put six foot walls around their front and back yards!
That’s what I want to do but we got pricing and I almost fainted . They want like 7k to do half the yard and that’s not even privacy fence . I don’t feel like trying to do it myself honestly, I can hardly keep up with the yard as it is . I should be looking for someone to do it cheap but honestly. We’ve had a few things done and aside from the plumber it pretty much a nightmare every time . I really don’t want to deal with it . I wish I could afford a general like the guy I used to work for . Anytime his customers needed work he hired and supervised the contractors .

I don’t want to deal with anyone across the fence that’s for sure lol.
View attachment 63524Each flower is full of bumble bees. I’m in love ..the noise is incredible
Pics from other days:

View attachment 63525View attachment 63526
I had a magnolia soulangeana outside my bedroom window as a teenager. It was over 100 years old. Almost as wonderful to climb as it smelled. Like bright lemon.

The original owner of the property was one of those adventuring late 1800s women, who brought seedlings back with her from all over the world. Japanese maples, middle eastern cedar, California redwood, European ash, rowan, & oak, southern magnolia… dozens of treats from 6 continents.
I had morning glory volunteers in my tiny patch of ground and you know what? They always wanted to grow around the Mary statue at the foot of the tree. Here’s a couple pictures from a few years ago, when I first lived on my own ever in my life. Morning glories are favorites of fairies and comforting to me.