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Cosmos are some of my faaaavorite flowers. 💕

Any pumpkins this year? 🎃

About 30 from 6 plants some of considerable size.
So I guess these are all cosmos in the front. I thought they were 2 different plants. All have reached 6 feet and higher. They came from a $10 bag of wildflower seeds I got at Lowe’s. The less feathery ones are trying to bloom now it’s quite a different flower. They are putting on a real show for almost November. I really enjoyed the garden this year. I had great luck which I attribute mostly to the weather and maybe a little to compost. I was out there today for awhile slowly mulching everything back into the compost pile with the lawn mower. In the 70’s today. Wore shorts .
Jealous of the flowers Mach ! I was making a practice of buying flowers for myself and then noticed they are shipped in from Ecuador and thought—there’s got to be a better way.

My little apartment patio is too shady to grow many things. I manage to grow Canna Lily which blooms all year, but doesn’t make a good cut flower, and a couple tiny marigolds which bloom this time of year.

On Black Friday I bought myself some LED panel lights made for growing indoors. I’ve been gathering supplies and will post pictures of the set up and progress. I want to plant a bunch of different seeds and just see what grows. My work (a school) has an enormous seed library from the gardening program and the teacher let me take as many as I like so I’ve got a stack. My focus is on herbs and flowers.
Now it’s indoor garden 🪴 season. At bjs the other day i just couldn’t resist a Christmas cactus and a small poinsettia. I just had to rescue the latter. My wife, who got both as anniversary presents, is hell on plants. She has the opposite of a green thumb, whatever that is. So I had to bolt outside outside in the 20 degree weather for pots and soil to do an emergency transplant. Dad to the rescue. Wish I had a potting shed ooooh, that’d be luxury lol.
My Christmas cactus cuttings are rooting there are little white roots. I’m always trying to root everything with only limited success. I was surprised!


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Does anyone have any suggestions of how to get a rat to leave a compost bin? I'm assuming it's a rat as it's digging out half the contents, presumably to nest in there over winter. I've tried banging on the sides and kicking the bin, and putting all the compost back in, but it just digs jut out again.

I don't want to kill it, just convince it to move on.
@Aprilshowers February will be prep for planting as in March. In March I can plant my early spring veggies, like kale, peas, green beans, spinach, etc. The Aero Garden is a small indoor hydroponic system for my herbs, but I keep them growing and relocate them outside when the weather permits. KY is a bit more moderate for gardening, unless your in Southern OH, especially the Cincinnati area and it is pretty much the same. Its just fun to plan and start to get ready. Just so excited for a garden this year!