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Rather a lot of mystery broccoli is growing out back.

I have no idea who pitches their extra micro greens off the deck, dad. It's not like they pack those 99cent containers so tight full of sprouts you have to thin by half twice a week. Yes. I agree. Just because you're getting $15-$25 worth of seed free, & a couple hundred bucks worth of free broccoli? is. no. reason. to be so "wasteful" with the little 99cent package.

The mystery is entirely in what VARIETY of broccoli is going gangbusters out back. Raab? Rapini? Chinese?

The pea shoots we'll never find out. Since I keep pinching off more shoots. I just call them fugitive peas.

My father is not amused.

Nor is their next door neighbor. As the critters appear to like the neat rows better than "NO! I didn't just throw something off the deck!!! Again!!!" (It was more of a careless arc, really.)

Some gardens I work really hard in. Others? It's fun to see the steroidasaurus Rex plants who Darwin their way to the dinner table.
Does anyone have experience with apple trees and knows why mine is thriving in the bottom half but the top half hasn’t had a single leaf?


Please don’t mind the messy yard, I’m working on it.
I saw young trees in the park acting similar, growing in their leaves from the base up. That’s good leaf growth so should be fine. Now’s a good time to feed it if you haven’t already. Give an update in about a month.
I’m not a tree person, so whilst there are a lot of causes? The only 3 I’m familiar with are

- transplant shock (which can take 2-3 years to recover from)
- low laying fog areas (spray the top with CO2 mist, so the top is getting the same grow-grow-grow commands as the base).
- exterior grow lights (like the orange sodium ones used in older street lamps, and halide ones or certain LEDs used in some newer security lights, pathway lights, etc.) only hitting part of the tree. That’s also why in autumn you’ll notice trees that are bright green on one side & autumn glory in the exact shape of the cone of light that comes on at dusk. 24hr light keeps plants in a vegetative cycle.