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Hostage crisis and shooting in california by vet

Discussion in 'News, Politics & Debates' started by Rumors, Mar 10, 2018.

  1. Neverthesame

    Neverthesame A Mind The Dead Have Ravaged Premium Member Donated

    It is my understanding that PTSD, whether from combat, abuse, disaster or civilian service. Does not cause people to become violent.

    It is also my understanding that anyone who experiences the aforesaid psychological trauma, may develop PTSD.

    So just as a pacifist may develop this disorder, so can a murderer. That such a person who commits a violent offence, was capable of it before they developed the disorder.
    Just as a person who wasn't capable of such action, can no more commit such action post onset of PTSD.

    Am I misinformed?
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  3. Glara

    Glara Well-Known Member

    @KwanYingirl yes he's in therapy and it's been increased and it's been suggested that he be hospitalized again. My concern is his gun collection. I used to think he'd be ok because it's usually younger men that go in mass shootings...until Vegas. Then I thought it's ok because he's in therapy etc... until California. Now I'm just concerned.

    I'm not looking for any kind of advice. I don't come on here too much anymore because I understand how it is now. He and I live far apart and we have very separate lives except for the occasional visit. But we keep in touch weekly, sometimes daily, sometimes not. However that doesn't mean I stopped caring. I'm very concerned about his mental health and I hope that I can be there in some small way to help him cope. At this point I think the distance is better for me.

    So that's it. I just worry when I hear how devastating this condition can be. I understand most sufferers don't do these things, I just worry mostly because his guns are very important to him.
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  4. Rumors

    Rumors I'm a VIP

    No I think that is wrong. I think the brain can undergo changes that could/would make someone not act ordinarily how they would prior to ptsd. Since my stuff was from early childhood, like 4, I think one could say that, given that I don't have further trauma, my disposition is set. I don't have the propensity to kill anyone. I get mad and I may cuss you but kill you, no. I think someone who grew up in to adulthood fairly normal and then suffered a great trauma the brain activity could be altered acutely enough that it can change a personality. In other words, my personality was formed through my experience. Someone else may have an altered personality. 2 very distinct things.
  5. CyclePath

    CyclePath Well-Known Member

    Totally relate. The hyperaousal/anger that we can experience is at a level that largely only we understand.
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  6. blackemerald1

    blackemerald1 Well-Known Member Premium Member

    I just wish the media would not spell out those letters all over the event repeatedly.
  7. joeylittle

    joeylittle ˁ˚ᴥ˚ˀ All howl, no bite Administrator Generous $250+

    No, you're correct. The only thing I'd add is that PTSD-trauma sometimes involves physical trauma as well. If that physical trauma results in a TBI, then the individual is also dealing with the changes that are a result of the injury to the brain. Increased violence, aggression, lack of impulse control - these are potential after-effects, following a moderate to severe TBI.

    Of course, one can also sustain a TBI without developing PTSD. But the military population is generally more at risk to sustain TBI.

    Army funding development of device to quickly assess traumatic brain injury on the battlefield

    I think the device talked about in the article, above, is a good idea.
  8. Faith Andrews

    Faith Andrews My talent: pretending that I'm okay everyday Premium Member Donated

    Just had this very conversation with my therapist. I was telling her how I’m afraid for people to know I have PTSD because I don’t want them to be afraid of me. I don’t have it from being in the army but I’m sure there are many who have and still feel ashamed for fear of people being afraid of them.
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  9. Zoogal

    Zoogal I'm a VIP

    I said the same thing to mine and she acted like I had three heads.
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