Huge chunk of life memories missing


I can feel the fragments from the early years coming together (all who saw the original birth name as their name) but am still missing loads from mid 20's to mid 40's.

although I know technically 'this body' lived that life during that time. I remember the early life our last dog (when I had my first flat) fact I remember her whole life which means I must have at least some of that’s host’s memories integrated within me? ...but it's like a big holey blanket..I can peer through and see times enjoyed with our dog but then there's the bits you can't see through blacked out cos of the material in front of your eyes...if that makes any sense?

Sill I'm told that no-one can remember every moment of their entire life anyway but it does feel a bit like I went 'to sleep' shortly after my mum died ...then someone else took over for the next 20 years... left me a few memories then vanished and suddenly I'm back at the front in a very different life and era!
It just feels odd there's a whole part of MY life I can't relate to AT ALL! It's very disorientating!

I guess it feels similar maybe to being in a coma for years and you can hear life going on around you but can’t get to the front …. Then when you do ‘wake up’ .. your life as you knew it has changed beyond all recognition and someone has legally changed your name while you ‘were away’

Has anyone else experienced this?
For years I felt like I was living in a kind of bubble, where I just looked out at the world and didn't really interact much. Since being in therapy, I feel like I am waking up. I see things and understand things that I just didn't my whole life.