I saw a person that I loved in the mid 1980s in a FB from the 1960s?


Precisely how we (T and I) found those memories. When I recognized what was happening to me in my nightmares it matched what happened in my trauma.
Yes having “dream fbs” is a state where the “trauma” is being experienced by you in an unconscious state.
I think there are many stages to this “dream FB” healing mechanism.

At first, I’ve had a “dream” where I had no conscious memory of the dream but remebered the “feeling” or an “idea” from the dream.

It could take years but eventually the dream grows into an actual “dream FB” where I rmeber a lot of what happened. Typically it wil be brief at first. Then as time passes the “dream FB” is built upon.

for example, “FB baseball mansion” I have had this same “Polaroid picture FB” of me standing in a huge courtyard by a car, I am waiting for my gf with 1 word in my head “baseball” hence the name “FB baseball mansion”.

Let’s say that this original FB was more like a “Polaroid picture” stuck in time in my mind.

Recently I saw me sitting in a “garden” waiting for my gf. I can feel what I felt back then: despair, agony, I can’t see him but I know he is watching me, I am terrified for my mother who is with him inside of the mansion. I am thin snd so miserable! Suffering.
Then bam: The next thing I know I am standing at the front door. The door opens and I see m: I feel “utter love” for him. I, in the here and now, am so shocked that m is in this FB the FB stops right there!!!

i am very upset but I do my “excercise” to calm myself down and within a couple of days I see the “end” of this fb. I know my mom is in the mansion and I want to go see her so I struggle to get through MY GRANDFATHER - who is blocking my path and laughing. I am surprised at my tenaciousness to see her and won’t stop running around until he relents.

(I guess this isn’t the end of the FB bc I don’t see my mother.)

…or intrusive thoughts?

Btw I appreciate everyone taking the time to talk with me and ask questions. Thank you