Insert Swearish Rant Here


To the silly cow who's decided I have a problem with her.

If that were the case I wouldn't hide it behind silence. No, where I come from we don't go in for two-faced bitch politeness- yes dear, no dear (you're a f*cking imbecile really, dear), because when did that shit ever get anyone anywhere really?

Okay, so you are a f*cking imbecile because you think it's acceptable to scream at me and then stomp off like a four year old, but that's your problem, not mine. But the more you spread rumours and refuse to deal with me, the more I'm going to intefere and refuse your requests, because I can do that, and you've never met my level of sheer, pig-headed stubbornness. It's a family trait.

Oh, and while I'm ripping into you- you can't count, and your idea of organised is beyond anyone's comprehension. I've know that for years but have I ever made it an issue?

I didn't have a problem with you, but you want me to? I'll happily oblige.

Get your head out of your ass, or work's going to get a lot less fun.

Yours truly, x

She Cat

Policy Enforcement
To my landlords f*cking asshole bitchy nosy girlfriend.... 6 weeks ago, my f*cking toilet scared the shit out of me(no pun intended). It was the middle of the night, and out of the blue, it just started to fill up, like someone had flushed it. I laid there frozen with fear, until logic kicked in and I knew I was safe.

I have listened to that f*cking toilet fill up so many times in 6 weeks that I have wanted to turn it into a f*cking flying toilet, right through the f*cking window. I haven't slept a solid night in 6 weeks. Have been woken up so many times that I couldn't keep track if I wanted to.

FINALLY it's decided that a NEW toilet is needed. Only after no sleep, or sleeping on the living room floor. My anxiety has been off the charts, I'm sleep deprived, but I have managed to smile and be nice. You f*cking bitch!!!! You are PISSED off because I needed a new toilet. f*ck you, did you even think to thank me for the $150.00 I put in for the new f*cker shitter??????

Hope your ass need sleep and your toilet keeps you awake....


Ok god @Ronin, with my job, trust me I have MANY rants of dumb ass stupid people. The 'throw way new modem' was a first for me.

I had a customer say "hold on" *** bubble bubble bubble *** holding breath ** "ok"

Yeah, fun call. I want to be the one smoking from a bong.

MANY unpleasent triggering calls. I have the most steriotypical stripper, prositute, 1-900 name ever and so MANY breathing men "you sound sexy....what are you wearing" "Im wearing a boot that's up you ass, can you taste my toes yet?" *** eye roll ***


So far this week had a blasted mouse under the floorboard that can either do one or pay rent. To make sure i didn't have a sleepless night worrying about it and battling an ocd cleaning panic took a new med. Had severe reaction to it and psyc now told me to stop all meds immediately. [email protected]*kwit of a husband caused fuss after looking after kids all day yesterday (they were at school and he was [email protected]*e south in front of tv all day) and left the house looking like we have had a party.

Fed up of my own head and p#&sed that the people who caused my cptsd have a guilt free life surrounded by family whilst i am left like this.

Rant over. Sigh.


Can I please have one f*cking conversation, about ANYTHING, with my dad without my dad playing Trumps f*cking tune? He acts like Trump is God and bows down to his "God". Maybe Trump is the anti-christ? I know many said that about Obama but I have NEVER seen people bow down to one person like this before. "Trump will save the world". What? No he f*cking wont!!



So far this week had a blasted mouse under the floorboard that can either do one or pay rent. To make sur...
Add to this the private psychiatrist that i pay a lot of money too who didnt bother to call me back despite me crying in pain down the phone to his pa yesterday. I guess he has his flaming cheque so my welfare after reacting so badly to a drug he perscibed is of complete irrelevance. As long as he is ok sod the rest of the world.


To every moron doctor I saw: Stop f*cking telling me my neighbor/stalker's rabid meth problem can't ever even possibly influence my health. Like, f*ck you. f*ck you not having even basics of logic (you do grasp smoking nicotine damages health, but other drugs apparently can't???).

f*ck your f*cking gaslight, f*ck your staring at me like I've grown a second head after I correct attribute my numerous health issues to being f*cking poisoned by her shit, in a chemical dump of a city in a f*ck of a country nobody f*cking cares for, and go f*ck yourselves on an agave plant, you f*ckbirds with a f*ck all degree.

... Oh, there went my 'can't find it' rage. Much better than dissociation. *sits down with his soda, now.*