Insert Swearish Rant Here


Dear Something-Or-Else Army,

Please follow suit.

And get the f*ck out of my head, I'm trying to focus on my healthy dietary regime and not hallucinating the effing bushes, jungles, forests, and other shit driving me nuts in a way deserts never managed.

Shitf*ck, army makes me different angry, still, imagining superiors and just wouldn't swear at the f*cking sons of bitches. This needs a correction.


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@watundah I actually work at a shipping warehouse. Though sometimes I wonder...

@barefoot , @Silver , @Ronin & @missy meier It's interesting actually, I was stunned that people laughed at that actually. (Not a bad thing at all.) Everyone I work with is either so tired of working with this guy, or hearing about him. No one laughs anymore.
It was very refreshing to read that, thank you all.

Put a smile on my face knowing that this guy's antics are still considered ridiculous in the rest of world.

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I've had a shitty f*cking day dealing with f*ck heads. So f*ck off world!!!! Chocolate, here I come!!!!! And do I give a rats ass if my ass gets wider????? NO, I do not. Chocolate should be the first healthy food on the governments stupid food pyramid!!!!!, Actually, it should be the only food on it. f*ck Lima beans and squash!!!!

I vote for chocolate, it can soothe your nerves...... lol!!!!!!