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What is it with people!

I have a sign on my front door saying in bold capital letters NO COLD CALLERS! Today I open the door to find a young idiot of a man telling me he's called Ryan and he's from her 60 second challenge. I tap the notice with my finger, only to be told 'oh but its OK, I'm not selling anything.'

YOU ARE STILL A F**KING COLD CALLER ASSHOLE! Get the f**k of my doorstep and buy yourself a b**tard dictionary! If you don't have an appointment, you are a cold caller!


I f#cking hate dentists... If only they would just knock me out and wake me up when its over... Because of that first trauma - bright lights - medical stuff - and restricted breathing... just know there's going to be a couple bad days after this.

I am beginning to realize to I'm like some weird guinea pig for half my doctors. Their first chance to mess with someone with PTSD. I know they want to help but really, endless appointments with doctors and all that doesn't help, it just leads to more crappy days for me after every appointment.

Not being able to think logically or clearly when stressed does not help either. Hard to tell my docs what I want when I'm dissociated as hell...


Back to Back? This sh*t deserves it. Have to get a Psychiatrist report for govt support. Never mind the psychologist I have been working with for 2+ years. Oh but you will put me through an hour of hell (today) and fill the papers out agreeing with her for only $250.

Man I wanted to rip his desk leg off and beat the bastard with it......


You get a very different kind of govt support if you do that to the shrink.
Never cared for the sanitary arrangements....

No, its just if you know what you are looking for you can spot it pretty quickly. At that point stop with the stupid questions and just parrot what my T said, I don't give a shit about that. But the hour of questions and crap when you could likely see looking at me in the waiting room I have PTSD, for that I hope Karma has a payback.

..and Karma would also be what saved him from the desk leg.
I just feel- icky- after dealing with coworkers. I have never disliked work as much as I do now, And I can't believe in the field I'm in I'm working with conspiracy theorists, anti-vaccers, anti-drs, anti-maskers, anti-PPE, and that doesn't even cover the bs that goes on every day. I feel like I'm in a a parallel universe, of people who act without remorse, and with jealousy, and talk crazy. It feels awful. Even the people with dementia call it crazy. 😟😭 I dread every day.

I'm sorry I can't be more 'impolite'-just too tired. Crazy F*cks or Assh*les best I can do. 😟 Gross and head-bangs-wall.
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f*cking asshole called my wife a full 24 hours after her covid test was pronounced negative to tell her what to do next now that she has covid....Of course the moron was told that the test had been negative, this is a mistake because they don't make mistakes, so sorry you were told you didn't have it...PLEASE CHECK TO BE SURE...oopsey. Wrong person, hope this didn't scare you to f*cking death, buh-bye.
This person shouldn't be allowed to accept payment for the job they were doing. If she ever hears the voice again it should be asking her if we wants fries with that...not telling anyone about life or death matters.
Goddammit, I know personnel is hard to find but what you got there aint personnel, that's liability and it is easy to be rid of.
I have a full weekend to ruminate because without the extension I can't get past the front desk switchboard op until f*cking Monday. I wish I could make the call right now, I might not have this lump in my throat if I had a few minutes with someone that could keep this moron from doing this to someone elses family member.
I don't even want to know who it was, just that their supervisor is working on solving the f*cking problem.
Wife is fine now, she is actually getting used to being treated poorly by medical staff. Not me, no f*cking way. I have not built an immunity, I have developed a hatred here folks. A deep one.
3 kinds of pain- pain from disease, pain from injury, pain from poorly handled medical treatment. I will avoid any one of three any way I can, every f*cking time.


I will avoid any one of three any way I can, every f*cking time.
Aaaand, maybe, just maybe, I end up causing a nasty note on my wifes chart....something like "husband is a flaming asshole, street the bitch as fast as you can" and her care suffers for it. Can't risk it, they have the power, enough and wife only pawns in game of life. FUUUUCK!


bad- when things don't get done and I just do them, bridging the gap between what I can do in a day and what is too much.
Worse- when I start in doing the things and get told to stop, my partner was going to do it
worste, and intolerable, being told not to do something and then watching day after day as it doesn't get done, deciding to just accept the bad level and doing it myself but then catching hell for not waiting. That f'n sucks, much worse and not tolerable. Enough.