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Is aging making CPTSD Recovery harder for anyone?


I am 70 now and feel I am slowly fading away in many ways. 10 years ago, when diagnosed, I found help with methods suggested here, in therapy and general reading.....offering just enough help to make it half-way and sometimes all the way through a day. It seems like my brain is connecting with all the helplessness that I felt as a child and ended up sleeping a lot. I went on to work, have kids, etc....despite all the challenges of PTSD ( which was not barely named as a condition). Now, I feel like that child that can barely function.
How does the old saying go, United We Stand, United We ...?! Most PTSD sufferers have already fallen...so it's just United We Stand.
My younger sister was one of the fallen... ending her life at age 45. It was before so much was discovered about PTSD so the therapists were not really trained plus in 1999 mental illness had more of a stigma than it does today....we still have a long way to go. I like that.......United We Stand...... thanks for that OM!
Thank you for your consideration, OM. How have I coped? She had been struggling for years and the previous 5 years she had gone pretty far down. I think she figured she was 45 and it was only going to get worse. I understood that she needed to end her struggle and I did not judge her choice. I think that made it easier for me to accept rather than thinking she was selfish like some people tend to do. I felt she was at peace finally. Thanks for asking.