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Is there any hope to stop being triggered into reactive states?

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Hello hithere,

Just want to say, I feel you! Sometimes it seems like this triggered, traumatized state is going to kick our butts the rest of our life. Ugh!

Have you had ANY improvement since your PTSD first began? At first, I was completely disabled and housebound by my symptoms 24/7 for a hellish 6 years. Now I actually have some days where I am triggered barely at all, not many, but some. It is helpful to remind myself of this when I begin feeling trapped and hounded by my PTSD symptoms.

I would double down in agreement with the folks who post saying that there is hope in therapy. I've only just begun therapy, but am finding it helpful. Not as helpful yet as I would like, but helpful. I've got to give it more time. I always want an instant fix and quick relief, but my PTSD didn't form overnight, so I guess I can't expect to heal from it overnight.

My final comment is simply to consider being very cautious with Benzo meds. They seem like a good solution when we are at wits end, but they are deceitfully addictive and the withdrawal process can be HELL ON EARTH. You think PTSD is bad? Try PTSD + Benzo withdrawal. It is NOT fun.

I was only on 1mg of Clonazepam daily for about a year, maybe close to two. I've been 6 months tapering off them so far and I've got a long ways to go. Even going this slowly, it has been a horrific struggle. If I had known these drugs would do so much damage to my CNS, and be so terribly hard to get off of, I would have never taken even one of them.

Thanks for letting me share. I wish you the best in your PTSD healing and symptom management.
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