Is this good treatment?


I'm not sure there is a clear cut: stabilise and then talk about trauma. At least, I don't think I found/find it for myself.
Especially if you are living with the trauma in your mind. It's there. It's not going away. Sometimes saying what you are seeing and remembering is so destabilising (it makes it real by saying the words), but sometimes it is healing (finally, someone is there to hear it and witness your pain).

Essentially, it is a messy path. And you have to find your way that suits you.
Yes maybe that's more how I should've wrote it; that I need to talk about what happened to me (instead of exploring trauma). I told my previous T, but she quit and I got transferred to another T in the same practice. She knows I've been sexually abused, but we didn't talk about it. Maybe just telling her so that she knows what actually has happened and maybe she could help me connect the dots so I get less insecure about that part.
By the time I really, really realized what I had actually gone through, everything came pouring out of me in a torrential storm. I couldn't NOT explore what had happened to me because I simply couldn't stop thinking about it every second of every day. And I really didn't have a lot of tools to be able to deal with it. So I ended up putting myself and my family through a lot of secondary trauma because of that.

My advice is to go slow. We think that we can speed things along by jumping into the deep end of the pool. But as everyone else has said, that's not how healing works. This is going to be a lifelong journey for you - take on only as much as you can handle. You'll have time to get through it all. Just not all of it right away.


Yes that's why I'm confused as well.

I think they want to stabilise me first. But I think exploring the trauma could help me stabilise since I'm getting insecure about how I'm reacting to things that cause my anxiety but I don't know why. I really feel like when I get emotions connected with the trauma, the pieces will fit and my anxiety could get connected with what's really causing it. Now I feel lost, get triggered by so many things that don't have to do with my trauma's just because I don't know the feelings of the trauma. I don't know if this makes sense at all, but in my mind it does. Hope you'll understand what I mean because it's hard to explain.

Thanks for all your reactions, appreciate it very much:)
Just a side note. Triggers can generalize. For example, the original trigger maybe physical touch or sex but eventually it can become just thinking or doing anything in that direction.