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As I read this, I find myself thinking that maybe there might be more than one definition of "isolating."

- what has been the longest length of time you've isolated?
In-house, probably 2 days. But there are times when I feel like I'm isolating when I'm out. I avoid eye contact, keep a distance, don't acknowledge others around me. I'm very much inside myself. And that can go on for weeks.

- what things typically trigger your isolation?
All sorts of things. But I guess the worse times are triggered by betrayal or a sense that I can no longer trust anyone.

-what is a typical length of isolation for you - does it span a particular anniversary period, or continue on after?
2 days to several weeks.

-do you go elsewhere or isolate within your house?
I talked about this a little above, but when I need to be gone from the world, I stay in my house/condo. At other times, it's often my car.

I've always lived well either isolated or around people, the need for isolation comes from being overwhelmed and need a time out. But lately as coming out to post-trauma stress life, I realized isolation in fact has isolated me into being alone and lonely. I didn't usually feel lonely before, I've always enjoyed my own company. Lately, I've been thinking it isn't healthy to isolate myself and want to do thing to combat this. It isn't easy though, been my whole life like this.
Oh my gosh. Yes! I noticed this just this week. Went from being happy at being isolated to feeling very lonely and not sure I could do this another month or more.
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