Jacob Ham?

She's kind of his publicist at this point.
It's weird! I wouldn't go so far as to say unethical but their dynamic is weird. I'm watching this interview and I'm trying to imagine inviting my therapist onto my podcast and leading her through it like Stephanie does. It's Weird. I guess if he's helping people it doesn't really matter in the long run, as long as Stephanie doesn't care.
I like the part where he said, “I remember seeing this angry little girl, and I thought, ‘Yes, be angry, because the anger is saying, ‘I don’t deserve this, I don’t deserve to be treated this way, what you are doing is violating me in a deep way.’’ So you being angry is an incredibly powerful place to launch from and I’m so glad you still had that.”

Those words are holding a lot of meaning for me in this moment.

all for whatever it is that he's doing. It seems.to be helping people, which is all that matters.
@somerandomguy I’m curious, if you don’t mind sharing, whether his technique/style aligns with the kind of training you’re receiving?