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Knowing you’re just not going to sleep tonight

Yes this is absolutely true and a lot of what my last T was about was this very thing. I’m finding it very difficult to try not to get worked up about it.
My T thought this was brilliant but - Flip the script and celebrate the sleep you get.....

Hard to do when you get 40 minutes sleep, but its like a reward instead of punishment.
My GP sent me to an insomnia clinic that worked wonders. It was a 3 (or 4?) month program that involved tracking my sleep and meeting with a t who specialized in sleep disorders. T told me that if insomnia gets bad enough your brain will actually "forget" how to sleep, and it has to be retrained like an infants does.

It wasn't pretty, but was well worth it!

The other thing I use is an app called Insight Timer. It has a ton of sleep related mediation, musics, classes and what not. It's been really effective too.