Last movie or tv series you watched?

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I hear ya', @DharmaGirl . After having worked in the mental health/vocational rehab arena, it sickened(s) me to see how often things were allowed to occur in so many disturbing ways. Speaking up about it is what ended up costing me my job, my health, and a large part of my sanity.

Then being treated and mis-treated as negligently as I repeatedly was in various medical/mental health arenas as I tried to get help for various things, and witnessing it regarding multiple family members, makes it hard to have much sympathy, but then that human condition kicks in and my heart takes over. Maybe I'm just trying to connect with medical folks on some other level since I couldn't successfully connect with most of them on a patient/practitioner level?

One thing they said that captured my attention and raised even more feels about the training hospitals is how they use the interns as cheap labor and the patients are the guinea pigs. (which we are in most all aspects of trying to be treated for anything, I suppose) Most folks around here feel that the training hospital nearest to us is the best of the best.

My husband had his open heart surgery there and we met with who we were told would be the surgeon to discuss and ask questions. Silly us thought we were meeting with the surgeon who would be doing the actual procedure, but nope, a student did it. We didn't find that out until after the fact. I assume the teachers are ready to step in if/when an oopsie occurs, but damn, they could at least share that little detail, ya' know?

Tonight, I've been watching various clips of old school cartoons - some disney, some looney tunes, and some merry melodies.


La Casa De Papel / Money Heist marathon! 😁

Bella Ciao, Bella Ciao, Bella Ciao Ciao Ciao!
Boom Boom Ciao

I started watching it 3mo too soon… the final season comes out in Dec.

I’ve also got Ca’sthilian spanish running behind my eyes like crazy now. Argentine Spanish makes the most sense to me, as it’s basically Castilian without the lisp & adding an Italian accent… so it doesn’t hit trauma buttons the same way mesoamerican & Colombian accented spanish does… and my Italian is better than my Spanish anyway, so the Argentine accent bridges the gap. But after watching something like 50 hours in 2.5 days? I’m getting about 2/3s without the subtitles (as opposed to 1/3 which is my normal understanding of Spanish), and adding that tip of the tongue to teeth half pause to all interior word S sounds.

It’s vexing that my language skills suck so hard. I have pieces of half a dozen languages, but I start losing my fluency whenever I’m not surrounded 24/7 by that language (IE practically the moment I leave the country), and I’ve never been able to learn in a classroom. I’m eternally envious of people who don’t need immersion to learn &/or retain language.