Last movie or tv series you watched?


Stella Blomkvist !!!

Yay!!! Icelandic Crime Thrillers are waaaaaaay more fun than mainland Scandavian Noir-ish omfg hooooooow many seconds are they just going to hold still on the most boring shot in the world?!? This hour long show would be 8 minutes long -and a 1000x better- if they didn’t just keep dragging out the dull. Seriously who needs a 3 minute scene of the tap being turned on, the water running, water boiling, in a white room, before the telephone rings? Nooooo one. Oh, wait, yes. Let’s leave the camera tilled at leafless white trees in winter as we hear someone walk out to the car, start it, and leave. For 4 minutes. FFS.

Icelanders, otoh? Know how to tell a story! 😎