Learning to trust again after a therapist screws up

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I don't know much at all about neurofeedback, but I do know about trust and how hard it is to trust again after being deceived or used. I'm sorry you were used in that. Happens too often! Many churches offer free counseling so you know they aren't doing it for money. I do know taking magnesium helps a lot to calm the mind body and spirit and gets rid of anxiety. Also ginseng is good to get rid of loopy negative thoughts. We can get in a serious loop of mistrust and it can really take us down. We need to trust some and I always say I can trust God to look out for me even when I am not sure I can trust the person. Let go of all of that fear since it is disabling, and remember the majority of people are good, as good as we can humanly be anyway. <3


I like the responses you received to not trust anyone without them earning it.

Ultimately I think a lot of what we go through comes back to trust. Trust in the world, in systems, in people. But mostly perhaps in ourselves, which is why we criticise ourselves so harshly and why victim blaming can be so retraumatising.

So how can you trust yourself to protect yourself with the tools you have?

For example- you can give your self time to get to know this therapist and see how they react if you raise this and how you feel about their answers.

You can do monthly accounts ( helps out if you do a tax return too) in which you monitor that you don’t have more or less than you should have.

You can trust to have their details accurately, have researched anyone to whom you give your details.

And you can know that if something dreadful happened to someone else, you would not judge them harshly and could trust them again , just like you can trust yourself.

I think that’s really an outcome we are looking for that would give us all freedom. Believing that .
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