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Limbo - Challenges of Finding Transitional Income While in Emotional Recovery

Here is what I do know: my current online work, the healthier I get, the harder it is to do it. Pulls me back into unhealthy patterns.
Thankfully I still get pay from it next week, so that's still needed.
However, I can't do it anymore. I'm renegotiating boundaries in it for future months but I'm not sure it will be enough. Thanks to healthy dose of denial, being upfront with people and my first ever food donation received, I am mostly okay until Tuesday.

Fact N2: if I am getting local job that is a long process (we get paid monthly here and no advances) even if I were to find a jobs tomorrow
So whatever happens I need a transitional income

Fact N3: I need an online job but at my emotional state I break down after every setback.
(ex: wanted to make some drawings and scan, couldn't find my scanner powercord which could have been lost when moving and had a meltdown- because I won't be able to go scan anything until tuesday)
I've had a list of ideas for online jobs needing no capital to stast, but I've been unable to start for so long, that now all that feels old and stale.
I am not sure how to behind. We covered the drawings, I also wanted to hand-draw collage sheets and stickers for downloadables on Etsy. Promote with a blog an youtube.
Look for other weekly paid trainscription gigs, writing gigs(haven't done in forever but still), illustration gigs, data entry though I never found one worlth it so far.
Locally I thought I can draw landscapes for tourists on cards then copy in more copies and sell to people coming in the city as well as people going to other places(use pictures for reference) but until tuesday no paper for that.

Fact 4
I'm emotionally recovering from being close to going to a hospital for a few days to make sure I'm safe.
Hence my emotions are highly volatile. Which barely mashes with the job I do have, let alone with trying to juggle several.
I feel overwhelmed and lost and I can't find my focus. I just know that the time for the job I have is running out, the way it stands.
And with local job, in the current market, it's good to have something on the side for security.

Fact 5 I want to work, and besides disability would take so long that I may as well recover
For anyone wondering. Here it would take me 2 years maybe, and I need a hand on my situation this year.
Having food and potentially therapy is important, but income is as well.

I know it's a magic circle, if anyone has outside input, please.

p.s. also loved working at home when I couldn't do else, but now it's restrictive. There are coworking spaces I adore and can't afford and my home which is needing a LOT of items and DIY and bought decoration and order for it to feel homey again. I just am not in a good place mentally and it affects everything, but it CAN'T.
What can I do in the situation as it stands?
My personal go-to for transitional income has always been restaurants… as all over the world kitchens will let you work without a visa or papers, and pay cash in hand at the end of the day. So it didn’t matter where I happened to be, when I found myself needing to cover some gap.

If I DO have papers, cruise ships & similar = the same job, better pay, and room/board is taken care of = fantastic place to work for 6mo to build up a bit of a nest-egg.

More recently (pandemic) I’ve added Amazon’s seasonal employee to the list of jobby-jobs, as I could choose to work or not, day by day. 5 hour shifts, and just look up online what shifts were going that day. Or that week, if I felt like planning ahead.