Looking for additional moderators

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Thank you to everyone who expressed interest.

I'd like to welcome @PlainJane @scout86 and @Sideways to the staff as Moderators. They'll be joining @desiderata310, @Friday and @Sweetpea76 who are all staying on.

I also want to thank @Justmehere and @intothelight, who are stepping down from staff and re-joining regular membership. They've given their time and energy to supporting this place, over many years. The entire forum is grateful for it.

It's been about four years since we've had transitions on the staff - but I don't expect it will be that long this time, around. It's good for the staff responsibilities to change hands regularly. So, if you submitted your name and are not being chosen at this time, please know that there will be more opportunities down the road for volunteering.

But also - it's good to remember that we are all members here - including staff - and it's through posting and building up this community that every member makes a contribution, every single day. So thank all of you for that.

And as always - any questions, you can ask them via Contact Us.
Not open for further replies.