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Madness, Insanity & The World Wide Web

@LhasaLover, Sorry for being off topic. At times we can't see the forest through the trees. I feel you just quoted from the example of someone to look up at.

JMHO honestly I have to wonder if some read what they wrote. If Anthony is not an inspiration of this is as good as it gets, possibly reviewing the article on the 4 Tier of PTSD would be helpful. Or possibly reviewing your relationship with therapist.

People do recover but there is no cure known to date. :) Whitney
I find it amusing that I sleep so well that Nicolette sometimes literally lays on me to suck the warmth out of me whilst sleeping, all unbeknownst to me.
This maybe a girl thing as I do the same. In fact I send my hubby to bed first to warm my side of the bed. Then when it is toasty warm, I send him to the cold side and I have the nice snuggly warm side.
Finn on YouTube

Sport compression wear that keep your muscles at a constant temperature when exercising, thus less likely to cause muscle injury. You wear them for a couple of hours afterwards as well if you want, which helps regulate your muscle cool down and again, less likely for muscle strain.

I've had plenty of muscle problems over the years... never had one when exercising with Skins. Whether ice cold or scorching hot, they keep your body core temperature regulated near perfectly. The materials pores open or close as required, either using your sweat to keep you cool, or dissipating it out and keeping warmth in, under cold climates. Basically, smart material.
I know I get so aggravated with people saying I can be cured.
Yeah, that is a VERY good way for my blood level to hit the roof!
Maybe it's made me empathetic, maybe I understand a little bit more, but it's not what I thought was my calling in life.
I've found that the longer I'm dealing with PTSD, the more empathetic, caring and understanding of my surroundings it has made me, but at the same time it makes me lay down my boundaries even firmer because I know that if they are trespassed, I have a whole heap of history to inform me of what might happen.

Did the Nico-Cat suck the warmth out of you again last night?
I know I did with my partner, being pregnant has made me super sensitive to temperatures, so last night a hand (mine) snaked out from under the covers, and dragged my partner kicking and screaming into the depths to be cuddled. :sneaky::giggle:
Anthony, Thanks for the info on skins. Sounds like it would work well as "long johns". US name for thermal underwear. It is April and 28 degrees in the desert!

Talk about global warming must be anywhere but here.

Flannels are great, electric blankets even better! Dual control-Low to Hi temp control. You can both set to your liking.

So glad you are sleeping so well!
Only one way to have music... LOUD. I love cranking up my music and just chillin out, doing what I've got to get done. I don't know why, but I can have it blasting at me, yet I can concentrate to write code, design or whatever it is I'm doing. When I don't... I often become frustrated quickly by noises and distractions around me.

I guess it kills my hearing so my awareness isn't there, thus no distraction. It works... and I love it. Love you too lovely wife... shhhh... she doesn't like loud music often.

I could live it, breathe it... I sleep like a baby to music around me.