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Madness, Insanity & The World Wide Web

I just scratch my head some days. PTSD is tough, I get that at every level. I've got the shitty worst it can dish out, yet I fought back and got mostly on top of it and had some really hard learning curves to get grounded and be in reality. Then I read things here, from people over years of being in therapy, and I just wonder how much a person sometimes wants to get better versus continue to use PTSD as an excuse and justification for all the shit in their life, let alone their actions.

It's like some just want to go through the motions, then sit on their hands, stick their head in the sand until next therapy appointment, then blame all their failings on everyone else. Nothing is their doing, in their control... PTSD did it. Naughty! f*ckin seriously!!!

I honestly do get a person maybe, maybe... being in denial for a few years. If you're any more removed from reality, then PTSD is not even close to your biggest issue, nor your mental diagnosis. You need to diagnosed with Münchausen syndrome, being "a psychiatric factitious disorder wherein those affected feign disease, illness, or psychological trauma to draw attention or sympathy to themselves." That sounds more accurate for some people IMHO.

Life at times just baffles me... it really, truly does. PTSD is a huge issue, though it isn't that big that you stop knowing what you're doing. Why... sometimes, yes... but what? No.
It is frustrating, I know people with PTSD that never got better. For whatever reason some are not ready to get better and don't get better. In fact, I heard PTSD used so often as a reason for doing things that I really was less than thrilled to see it on a piece of paper as part of my mental state (along with severe depression). I was saying to myself, REALLY now?! I'm on the PTSD train now? I thought maybe the just had to make her best guess and write PTSD down as something had to be the diagnosis.

The worst part of PTSD for me is that it just trips me out and it's tiring. However, the diagnosis gave me the coping mechanisms by recognizing patterns. SI? I thought that was just me!

A lot of getting better has to do with the help that is available to you I believe and the willingness to get better. Sometimes the disease offers a false sense of protection from an unhealthy situation for instance.

Wish I had more answers, but then I would be a know-it-all.:cautious:
Trying to keep my head in the game, get focused and doing stuff. If I do that, I will get through it by lunch time, fingers crossed.
Thanks for posting this. I'm really stressed right now and I don't want to fall over. I can see that my thoughts are leading me toward gaining sympathy and understanding around me, instead of planning and doing what would actually help me release stress. Your post is a good reminder that I have choices to make which will mitigate the impact of stress on my thoughts.
I love your tag line Muz... "When you live in denial, reality frustrates you." Sooooooo true!

I hated denial, and sometimes I hate reality, but I'll take reality over denial any day. My lovely wife doesn't like it all the time, because keeping in reality for me, I use what I call as my honesty system. Not always 100% honest, in that I don't always say things when I know it will hurt a person, but I do say more than is often socially acceptable, speaking the truth about a situation or person, to their face, as part of the life.

Some people get the shits about the truth... I've found it does more good than bad.
Well... my wife is all proud of her input into a thing I do online and finally did. She pushed me, basically, to do it... so I got it done and it's working out ok. Talk about becoming a rooster when she pushes and gets an instant result. Geezzzzzzz!

I need to fart sooooo bad, but there is company in the house at present, and when leaving in the next 30 minutes, wow, am I gonna let rip. I hate holding onto farts... painful for etiquette purposes, what gives, seriously!

So far I've accomplished little of what I need, or want, to do today, thus half my day is already wasted and I need to get cracking. So a busy day entails, and I will come back to you, oh dear diary, on the weekend at some point.
My wife has a new toy, though unfortunately I have to take it back to the Apple shop tomorrow, because one of the specs isn't as advertised, so I need to change it so we aren't getting old stock, with old specs, based on new specs being sold to us. I think accidents happen, as everything on the box says it should be as ordered.

She's finally gone to macbook pro as her choice of notebook. 512Gb flash memory, 16Gb RAM and a huge i7 quad core... equals... performance plus. It came with 512Mb of graphics, but is sold as 1Gb of graphics. I wanted that 1Gb of graphics as that is a huge difference for watching HD or playing games on it when away.
God I love flash memory and SSD's... no waiting around for computers to do things. Installing Windows for example, takes 5 minutes, not 30 minutes. Opening huge programs is near instant, moving enormous data sizes, done. Playing games is phenomenal with solid state memory... every gamers dream come true. You can lack in 3D, memory and Internet connection with solid state storage. If you don't lack in those areas, then you're ahead of the curb.
I think people need to turn the filter off here at times... to be perfectly honest. People don't challenge enough things said here by members.

No shit. Politically correct only gets us a corrupt system as we can see with all the entitlement issues our world has today. I am all about validation and people getting what they need to heal unless the process involves a pity party where you quit feeding your children, get on crack and live off the system for the rest of your life.