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Melationin - who has tried it? Did it help?


I'm going through a really bad depression phase and was told today that I should try melatonin because part of my symptoms is that circadian rhythm disruption where your brain doesn't really "wake up" until mid afternoon.

Has anyone here tried melatonin supplements? Did they help? Which ones are most effective?
For ME, Melatonin causes insomnia & anxiety attacks & rage/bitchy/c*ntish thoughts & behaviour… that I don’t even think/feel/do when drunk, high, or insane.

But I hear it makes a lot of people sleep better.

Personally? I’d prefer a cattle prod.

But that’s neurochem for ya… nothing effects everyone the same, and it’s too complicated (to date) to understand why, how, or who. The only way to know how anything will effect YOU? Is to give it a whirl, and pay attention to what happens.
It either works really well for me and I’m fast asleep super quick…or not at all and I’m up all night 🤷‍♀️ Not sure why it works sometimes and not other times, but Dr. Internet is leading me to believe it’s related to times when elevated stress levels inhibit it’s effectiveness.

When it works, it’s lovely. Out like a light. I use a low dose (1mg) and only as needed (a couple times a week). I have no side effects at all with the 1mg dose. 5mg or more gives me a “hangover” feeling the next day.

I have some backup sleeping pills if I really need them, but I prefer to use melatonin…mostly because I do not love medication and only use it when I really really have to. I’d definitely recommend giving it a try.
I've been taking it for a while.
It works best if taken an hour or so before going to sleep. The dosage dosen't seem to matter so I use the lowest dosage I can find 3mg.
It helps to either turn off screens or set them to night mode. (I'm bad about this but it does help when I do it.)

From my years of treatment for sleep apnea, may I suggest looking into "sleep hygiene" it's a list of habits to help you sleep better. It could help, I don't think it can hurt.