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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 23/24 Holiday Period


Ho, ho, ho! 🎅 to all the amazing members of MyPTSD,

May your holiday season be filled with the warmth of love, the joy of fulfilment, and the comfort of inner peace (maybe some booze too 😜). Just like the unique snowflakes that adorn the winter sky, each of you adds a special sparkle to this community. Keep supporting each other, sharing your stories, and lighting the way through the snowy path of PTSD life. Wishing you all a magical Christmas filled with hope and happiness, have a welcoming and safe New Year! 🎄🦌

With festive cheer,

Chief Elf-in-Charge
Hi Chief Elf-in-Charge,

Merry Christmas to you too! ☺️

In the spirit of Christmas, I just went and checked whether the site's donation goal for 2023 had been reached yet - and nope! - so I've just sent a small donation as an Xmas contribution. I hope it helps.🎄🌟

Maybe others will chime in too and we can meet the year's target. 😉
Merry Christmas to all, have a happy and safe holiday period. Come back with lots of lovely memories to share.
i`m all alone for christmas well this used to be brain injury program now nursing home but with every one being low functioing don`t get any thing but in a month I get a Christmas and Birthday present thats I move out to another building that is empty I don`t mind the emptyness