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MMJ and teen children

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Here is my take on it...assuming that I am understanding the OP correctly.

Cannabis is accepted as a medication in some places/states and it can be prescribed by a doctor for an adult. It is not good for a young, developing brain however.

I don't think there is any need for the parent to feel guilty if their use is consistent with current laws and regulations. The son is ignoring the fact that cannabis use in his case is not recommended by doctors, at least not until he is a little older. Thus the difference is one is being used medicinally with the care of a doctor and the other is using it recreationally, without professional medical assistance, and at too young of an age. (exactly how old is this young man again?)

Anyway I think it is apples and oranges. I don't think it would be right for me to assume that since mom uses medicinal m.j. that it is ok for her son to use it too. Personal responsibility and consequences for our actions is what needs to be taught here. Not more monkey see, monkey do. It is time to grow up. So that is how I see the cannabis part of the problem. And perhaps the op could use edibles as suggested too. Perhaps changing the way she ingests mmj rather than stopping something that is helping.

I like and appreciate what @joeylittle had to say. Hallucinogens' are a totally different kind of animal and I can attest to the dangers of using hallucinogens' and THC/cannabis together. My younger brother developed schizophrenia after using psychedelic's and weed. He spent most of his life in assisted living facilities and mental hospitals. He lost touch with reality and couldn't differentiate a dream from a fact.

This post just expresses my experiences and opinions. Please accept it for what it is, just one person's beliefs. I am not a cannabis expert. (I have only been smoking it for 46 years). But I will add to this that everyone is different and mmj may or may not be a good thing for others who may wish to use it..
I’m having a hard time putting these pieces together.
I would be having a hard time with that, too!
These questions are worrying to me. It really depends on how you medicate. I take lozenges under my tongue before I go to sleep, and at home, I'm not responsible for any other human beings but myself.

Be very clear with yourself what you're using the medicine for. Like HOW does it help you, and which symptom do you wish to address? You don't mention any of that. Just "for PTSD"? Your doctor gave you a prescription? Do you take it only when needed, like if you have a panic attack? These are important questions about your health. And if it's vague, your kids are going to see this vagueness and it's a problem. Take it at the same time you take any other medications. Calculate the milligrams you're taking in, then ask your doctor or call dispensaries to find sublinguals and oils.

Hey mmj is fine for a lot of things, but yeah you can't run around vaping and then ask your teen kiddos not to do the same. I wish you luck. I don't mean to be lecture-y, at all. I think if it helps you in a safe way, that's awesome.
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