My first-authored (and first ever) scientific paper has just been accepted!

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I'm officially a published scientific author!!

My baby of the last 6 months has finally come to fruition.
It started out as an assignment for a first year Masters course that I worked on once I left hospital in March after having my spinal fusion (scientific study helps to ground me).
That assignment got an A grade, and my supervisor then saw the potential in it to try to submit it to a peer-review scientific journal (I wish I could say which one but I won't for anonymity reasons).
The journal was interested, and I fine-tuned it, with the help of my supervisor and another scientist.

I was directly involved in/led essentially every step of the process.
-asking the other scientist to be a co-author
-contacting other scientists/corporations about information
-direction and writing of main text
-figure development from idea to publication-level graphics (self-taught myself Photoshop and Illustrator)
-cover letter for initial submission
-making the reviewer changes
-and writing up the response document for the editor after peer-review

It was stressful at times, but I loved every step of it.
We only submitted our reviewer changes about 24 hours ago, and the editor accepted it without needing to send it back to the reviewers.

I'm sobbing and just utterly ecstatic.
Congratulations! What an accomplishment ?


Thank you so much, everyone! Your sweet congratulations mean so much.

I was just out for a walk and got an email from the publisher saying that my article is now in production! Eek!
They also gave me my doi... I have a freaking doi!!!!!

(For anyone who doesn't know, a doi is a digital object identifier. Basically it gives you a permanent link to an article if you search . It's also a very simple way to search for a paper; much simpler than google searching the article title if you have the doi.)

I have no idea how dois I have looked up so far in my academic life, tonnes, and now I have one!!!
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Congratulations on getting your paper done!! revisions done!! and acceptance without re-review!!!

A lot of Ph.D. students struggle with getting papers done, and we have post-doctorates who after getting their Ph.D. just don't have the drive or creativity or skills to really turn the corner and consistently get papers done. That you have done this as a Masters student, and under the constraints of everything you've been dealing with is a great testament to your skill & willpower & future success!

So ... is a Ph.D. in your future? Dr. Bellbird has a nice ring to it!


and acceptance without re-review!!!
Yes!! Supervisor was very keen for it to be that way when we were working through the revisions, so I felt really proud to deliver on that.
So ... is a Ph.D. in your future? Dr. Bellbird has a nice ring to it!
I'm quite sure, yes :)
I don't know where yet; that will depend on whether trauma therapy is done and where the opportunities are as to whether I stay at my current university, go elsewhere in NZ, or even overseas.
But I said to Supervisor in our Monday meeting last week that I'd like to talk PhD (generally, and his available projects for 2021) in December once my first year Masters courses are all completed. And he said OK in a positive type of way :)

Since about the age of 10 I've wanted to be a doctor; initially an MD, but the last few years as I've found my niche in science, a PhD is my biggest goal (aside from having a family).
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