my sisters friend is taken seriously but i'm not

my family should take me seriously and believe me. why is my sisters friends abuse serious but mine didn't happen or doesn't matter
I think I get what you’re going through. Take the advice of the wiser ones who posted above or you may spend decades filled with resentment. (I know what I’m talking about here!!) I’ve had ongoing treatment for depression & it’s no secret. Many years ago, a close relative needed to be hospitalized. My parents were asked by the Drs if anyone in the family / close family had mental health issues. There answer was - NO! My eyes about popped out of my head when I heard this! I really got upset with them & wanted to contact the Dr. The rest of the story isn’t pretty, so I’ll jump to the last part.
The bottom line? After asking why they do not take me concerns & diagnoses as seriously as this other relative’s, they said, “That’s just the way you are, Erma! You’ve always been melodramatic!” Fury on my part. Which made me seem even more like “the way” I am!! It really hurt me.
Forty years later, they haven’t changed. God bless them! I’ve had to change. It’s true. I still get frustrated & hurt by this. But, for whatever reason, this is ONE area they cannot see. And if sucks. Am I dramatic? Oh, heck yes. Am I also funny and silly? Yes. Maybe they can’t add all this up with my MH issues. Your guess is as good as mine!
As you get to know more people, you’ll find people you feel comfortable sharing this with, that will also help. It hurts that they can’t acknowledge our real hurt.

The most challenging part of this mess, was saying to myself: I see my scars and wounds, even if they don’t. The trauma I’ve experienced is still real. Blast it, I’m going to keep working on getting better.

Hoping this helped a little. Take care.