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Hi Alice.In.Wonderland. Have you read anything about Narcissitic Victim Abuse Syndrome? It is not official to my knowledge but the concept of it may be helpful, if not disregard! Just thought it might.

I read that you were questioning yourself about this, please don't do that to yourself. A true N would not, nor would they seek help ever, because they really and truly do not care about who they are hurting or how. They do not care. They do not care about other people. They do not apologize and do not take responsibility for themselves nor are they accountable, they will blame their chosen victim and make them question their own sanity.

It takes tremendous insight to figure them out and the second you stand up for yourself they discard you because you are no longer useful to them or serve their purpose, whatever that is for them.They get off on this, it is who they are to the core.

They love codependents, vulnerable people and the traumatized. Just saying . It is like radar, sharks to blood and disturbing

Won't be popular of me to say but they are also doctors and in a lot of professions of power and trust as well. Be careful..if you have been on the shit end of this kind of abuse because you really have to watch and take care of yourself for yourself. No one else will. I am not trying to be harsh, I am really trying to help.

True narcissism is growing in this society and globally, it's not good..

If this does not help please disregard!
Your responsible take on narcissism was refreshing. I disdain narcissism and narcissists on many fronts. The trail of damage they cause often has lasting effects. I've been on the receiving end of a couple of sociopaths and in retro, came to realize that socios are narcissists in the worst possible capacity. I still can't fathom the pleasure they derive from core evil with little to no conscience (or consequence). Thank you for sharing your insight. :)
Start talking about narcissists and sociopaths, and I start to grab my shovel and buy bags of lime.. Most people have some minor traits..true. But there is only one place a true narcissist or sociopath belongs: the grave.
I must say that there a HUGE difference in a NPD's low empathy and a psycopath & sociopath's inabilty to feel empathy. And they should never been grouped the same as they arent.

I do not believe that a NPD individual target's anyone really and it is truely a sad thing to watch.
Not open for further replies.