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New med provider, keeps pushing me


I recently started with a new med provider, the last one was creepy, only did telehealth and the minute I told him that I didn't want a student in session with him he changed the view field of his camera so I could no longer see the entire room which made me think he didn't have the student leave the room.

this new provider is a PA rather than a full MD/DO which sucks because well, previously my experience with PA/NP's are that they are not comfortable prescribing my combo of meds and try to get me to make a bunch of changes.

the thing is she is pushy, she schedules 30 minutes, I see her in person and she goes over my meds and when we are finished with that (takes 5-10 min tops) she starts in with so is there anything else you would like to talk about, no please don't leave we still have 20 minutes left, blah blah.

I don't want to talk to her, I have a therapist for that, any suggestions for getting her to understand, I have zero desire to talk about any of my issues with her and our appointments are solely for her to prescribe my meds that I have been stable on for 10 years?