Photography Club

Still Standing

This the sunset from last night. It was a blind shot. I had to stand on tippy-toes and reach as high as I could to get my phone camera over the top of a 6ft fence in order to take the picture. I could only hope that it was aimed in the right direction. This photo was the fruit of my labor 😁.

Tornadic Thoughts

I've been taking trips down memory lane via some old photo albums and such and came across this pic of me. It doesn't have the year noted, so I'm uncertain of my age. That look on my face...and those eyes...makes me wish I could hop in the time machine to see what provoked that expression. I was given the nickname "big eyes" by a distant relative every time they'd visit...


When mom passed away, this was the only thing I asked my sister to be sure was given to me. It had been a gift given to my aunt, who took her own life many years before mom transitioned, and I remember seeing it on the buffet in the dining room every time we'd visit. It brings much joy and evokes a giggle every time I walk by it or share it with others...we sure could use more giggles nowadays...