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Still Standing


Still Standing

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This is why I don't post more pictures camera is crappy and takes poor photos, but I wanted to share anyway. Who knows, maybe I'll get a new camera for Christmas. 😟
Even a good camera will do this in the right conditions. A darker room means a slower shutter speed which means if your hands move at all the picture will be blurry.

Tornadic Thoughts

Took another trip down memory lane recently and found this photo of a painting that hung in the hallway outside of my bedroom in my childhood home.

I can see/feel myself exiting my room into the hallway and lightly running my fingers across the bottom of the frame as I walk by, taking in the sensory experience of the grooves in the carved wood. I also wonder if I was intrigued by the title, wishing I had a trusty guardian, too. In the bottom left corner, it's titled, "A Trusty Guardian".

I never had a dog as a child, but always loved that painting - and other people's dogs. I grew up with a pure Persian cat, instead. Mom and dad tried to get me a dog when I was in the 2nd grade, but it was way too big, rambunctious, and jumped up and knocked me down and freaked me out, so we didn't pursue any other dog options.

I gave the painting to a dog trainer friend who has a daughter that very much resembles the girl next to the dog...