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I have never thought of photography as a hobby for me. Maybe because it has been my mother's domain. She can take great pictures with the simplest of cameras without knowing anything about composition and exposure. I have an interest in graphic design and web design, so naturally, I wanted to learn some basic skills in Adobe Photoshop. That led me to discover Lightroom and I became curious about working with photos, particularly working with colors to improve photos or give them a certain mood. After some months of thinking, I bought myself a Panasonic GX-9. It is a rangefinder-style camera with interchangeable lenses. I am saving money for other things, but it was a good deal that I just could not pass.

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I am still learning the basics of using different apertures and shutterspeed. I have bought a used 25 mm 1.7 prime lens (equivalent of 50 mm on a full frame camera) in addition to the kit lens that was included with the camera.
Two books really helped me. Both by Bryan Peterson. One is Understanding Exposure, the other Understanding Composition. Understanding Composition is a fantastic book and applies to all cameras. If you want to take better pictures it's a great read.
Thank you for these suggestions. I have added thesm to my reading list.

Here's a picture I took recently of an old fire engine. I recropped it and added some vignetting.

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