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Photography Club

Church at night

Fig beetle party on a prickly pear; one arriving
I really like this tree at the park. My daughter and I call it “the handshake tree” because there is a hole in the trunk that goes all the way through and we shake hands through it. In the picture of the whole tree you can just barely see the hole as a little bright spot toward the top left of the main trunk.

@Lionheart this is my rabbit Peeky. From four years ago when I moved into my own place (and had already had her three years from when she was adopted at a yard sale) and then tonight. She has given me so much love, it’s hard for me to imagine life without her! Her brand is called “People Pals”, and she’s so good at hugging and being the little spoon! Sadly I burned her in the dryer once and her fur has never been the same. She’s been through the wash many times because she’s a hard working bunny!

Pictures from a high school trip to Greece when we visited the Oracle of Delphi.

This is the Theater with the pillar ruins of the Temple of Apollo in the background

This was the Treasury of Athens where they would display the beautiful gifts brought for the Oracle from distant lands.