Playing the victim: Ripping my eyeballs out with your lies

I wish I could send this message to my sister. She's currently playing the victim and it makes me want to rip my eyeballs out. She's claiming that she never disagreed with me and we've been on the same page since day 1. LIAR.

(*Names have been changed)

You do realize that you all heartlessly abandoned *Tracy. It was beyond cruel and downright illegal to relocate her from Mom's apartment while she was hospitalized. Make no mistake, you played your role in this despicable act, so don't try to twist the narrative. Right from that moment, we were no longer on the same page.

You requested to step back, expressing your desire not to be involved, and everyone was perfectly fine with that. I, for one, was elated that I wouldn't have to endure your ill-informed and uneducated opinions any longer. But then, you made the decision to undermine my efforts. I had reached an agreement with Mom and Dad regarding Tracy, only for you to persuade Dad otherwise, and together, you both pressured Mom into changing her decision. That's far from staying out of it. You aren't the victim here. Grow the f*ck up.