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Please help me

That is a very odd threat. I doubt anyone would be interested in that in those sorts of communities, I will be honest. Speaking as in the LGBTQ+ community as well.

That company doesn't seem to have existed for very long, so can't be very big. In any way, I doubt this CEO has a lot of sway.

I think it would be good for you to block this person and try to regulate first.

Then, as this is the United States, you could consider legal action where appropriate.

If this person genuinely even has access to these sorts of websites, that in itself is a crime. As far as I understand it (I'm no legal expert, please don't take this with more than a grain of salt), just viewing these sorts of content is illegal?

In any case, it sounds like what you mostly need to do is try to utilize your coping skills and try to work through the anxiety you have from this situation.

And, if it's okay to add, I have content of myself as a child somewhere out there. I don't know if it's online or just a series of movies or what, and I don't love to think about it. But even if it happens, it's not the absolute end. It's uncomfortable and very traumatic, but something I have been able to work through and just try not to dwell on too often. That's some FBI agent's job, I imagine.

Others here may have good insight into the actual legal steps you could theoretically take, I don't know, but mostly you need some self care and some support from your community. Do you have a therapist or other professional in your corner who could help you with this situation?