Sufferer PTSD and cPTSd survivor looking for community


Welcome @CoryS .
I don't even have a TV.
Also have kid's and CPTSD.
Also can hardly watch any movies or TV shows.
They are pretty terrible, for the most part.
So, lots in common!
Glad you found us, bit not for the reasons you needed to.


New Here
Hello -
I was first diagnosed with PTSD thirty years ago and have had multiple subsequent traumatic events since then. My functioning has always been very high as it was part of my coping mechanism but with the last two events (which both happened in the last five years) I've found my symptoms more and more profound and debilitating. I understand this is common with successive traumas but it is causing extreme stress in my marriage and my family and I find myself having to explain my symptoms constantly. I feel guilty about not being able to watch so many movies/tv shows because I have a lot of triggers. I feel guilty about not being able to take my children to really crowded or loud events. I feel guilty about how much I forget on a daily basis because of the cognitive side effects of PTSD, etc., etc. I'm feeling exhausted and very lonely and a good bit broken. I'm just hoping to connect to other people who know what it's like to live with this.

Hi. I get it about living with ptsd while trying to fulfill a family obligation. Also...I think as we get older we become less resilient and less able to cover stuff up. Also, we become more sensitive. It can be a blessing, actually because if you're like I was; something drastic has to happen to force you to take care of you. And maybe that's why the pain keeps coming at you. If you haven't sought help already, it's time. God Bless you.