Ptsd poetry anyone?


Today I wept, before I slept
This beast that keeps me still
Brings thoughts oh so shrill.
The past I always flee
I need, I need a place to be
This beast that keeps me still
Brings thoughts oh so shrill

Deaths trickle on oh beast 19
A horrid sick the world has seen
We must stay home to save their lives
Yet inside my head are bee hives
That buzz and buzz until I run
By staying still it will have won

Not this Covid beast we now fear
But my beast that is much more near
You see, I fight mine everyday
Only then I keep it at bay

My strength must now fight two big beasts
Will worry be too great of feat?
Surrounded by constant stress
The world that’s now a sprawling mess
With the beast still inside of me
Bearing down and I cannot flee

This beast that keeps me still
Brings thoughts oh so shrill


When Technology Fails

A special day....I went,
Zoom was new....
But I Zoomed in,
I heard no audio,
I had to connect....
just one last time....
He died without anyone,
there, to touch him,
to feel the life.....
leave his frail sick body.
Covid 19 killed him,
and now, we were
joining to let him go
in our hearts.

I Zoomed again,
but still no audio,
I called in on my cell,
but the number didn't
communication failing,
No video, and no audio,
I checked my microphone,
I checked mute, now crying....
I had to connect....I just had to....
just one last time,
to stand with his family,
and friends,
and say goodbye.

Larry was a good man,
He deserved a real funeral,
not a technology
send off to the next
but I couldn't connect,
I tried to connect....
I didn't make it......I tried,
there were three others...only three
and he was love by many.....
I failed.....unable
to stand with his family,
and friends,
for the last time.
Is this how life ends?
It did for Larry.


Where is the Way

Where is the way
Out of here
Why do you
Always bother me
When I sleep
Where's my mommy
She's at work
Why are you doing
What you do
Who are you
Why are you here
You should be sleeping
So I can sleep too.


Yellow Fever Vaccination,
resulted in a horrific reaction,
Smack, splat, blam
Never knew it happened,
Crack, thowpt, snap
face-planted on cement,
Slushing, blood gushing,
a very broken nose.
a pool enlarging,
and no recollection.


He's Someone Else

What is he planning to do?
He's so chaotic and vicious
I see so much of the soldiers
Hidden in his stature and voice

They left our land in ruins
Ravaged my mom for fun
Oh where did they come from
So glad to see them go

However he picked up
Their mannerisms
Acts like one of them
He should have left with them.

He's not happy here.


Could he be the one? He seems to want more than just sex. He is kind, unlike the others. I wish he could be the one. I learned my lesson on the last one. I won't do that again if I can help it. Linda told me that all men ever want is sex. I think she's wrong. Sure, I had the misfortune to meet too many of those. But all of them? I doubt it. There has to be at least one man in this world who really cares. I am sure there are more, in fact. Just some thoughts to ponder....


Trapped in a cotton wool dream,
where babies are born
and old age pensioners die.
And people like me are stuck in the middle
with nowhere to go.

There's always somewhere to go,
you know,
but you got to want to get unstuck,
if going is only as far as in your head,
or if it's only in your dreams,
but getting unstuck.....takes bravery, a super scary word.