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Random positive/neutral memory flashbacks from childhood and dreams?


New Here
I've been through some very traumatic experiences recently and have been diagnosed with PTSD. I keep getting these random memories from my childhood pop up out of nowhere, as well as memories of dreams I've had. Is this a form of dissociation? Or something else? I can't find anything online about it. The memories are not negative at all, just random and constant throughout my day.
I don't think you get flashbacks of neutral or positive. You get flashbacks cause of something being traumatic and your mind not being able to process it at the time so it doesn't get stored like normal memories. I also don't think you have flashbacks of nightmares though nightmares themselves, I believe can be from real traumatic incidents but tend to be distorted and aren't so reliable like flashbacks are, though even flashbacks can have odd details that aren't accurate like what someone was wearing or where you were but the main thing happening can normally be trusted.
One of the few reasons I’m willing to continue trauma processing, once I’ve got most of my symptoms in check, rather than just locking everything away back in Pandora’s Box? Is that when all the …everything… comes pouring out? So do all the GOOD memories, that get locked away along with the bad.

Actually processing the bad? Means I also get to keep the good.
Ahhh I see. The memories I've been having are now turning into memories of dreams I've had before. And it happens several times a day. Just random dreams will pop into my head. I guess it's trauma related because that's never happened wirh such intensity before.