Readers thread: what or who are you reading right now?

The Last Legionnaire Paul Fraser Collard Headline Publishers 2016

^^So I finished it.

It is mostly about a battle that actually did happen in Solferino involving about 300,000 soldiers. It is reputed to be the biggest battle fought in Europe since the days of Napoleon and to have inspired the Red Cross and Geneva Convention. The French Foreign Legion also features heavily in the fighting.

So sabres, cannons, muskets, swords, daggers and cannons, cavalry, military uniforms & bits of paraphernalia - some fairly well known battle strategy's thrown in for good measure and most of the book was blood lust, gore & grunting. And lots of death.

Actually - the sub-plot to all of the above was similar to the major theme in 'Saving Private Ryan'. But the movie was better. :)

All up - my assessment :meh: But nice cover. ;)


I'm behind in reading for some reason. Oh, that's right, my anxiety is through the roof and I have to keep busy. Then I'm in too much pain. Getting a lot of stuff done though. Or maybe it is true that I'm bipolar, lol.
Extreme Prey John Sandford - 2016 Penguin Random House

Hmm this is about a retired cop who investigates a plot to assassinate a US President. I have not finished it yet - it's fairly interesting but it seems to be going on and on and on. It had better pull a rabbit out of the hat soon or it will go back in the library bag unfinished.


Sapiens (on audiobook) by Yuval Noah Harari.

It tells the story of the history of humankind.

So far so good; well written, easy to follow, and the narrator is excellent.
Depends what your taste in genre's are @cherileisman - if you want something fairly light-weight but fast, and fiction - John Grisham's writing is okay. Any of his books will fill a gap till you find your pace again. Have a look in your local library he shouldn't be too hard to find. :)

Or you could go Stephen King if you feel like something bizarre! I have just watched Netflix - Geralds Game - a movie derived from Stephen King. ... a bit silly (the movie) but I bet the book is better! I
Right - just finished a ripping novel by John Grisham

John Grisham - Rogue Lawyer - Hodder & Stoughton 2015

It's narrated from the view point of the main protagonist - a sort of classy but low on the food chain, lawyer. He is a bit of a rogue but very likeable and in a haphazard sort of way - he does try to do his best. The humour is mixed with a healthy dose of pathos and the fallibility of humans.

I liked it - it gets 3 1/2 - 4 stars - :oops: :giggle: