Readers thread: what or who are you reading right now?


The Prettiest Horse in the Glue Factory, by Corey White.

My T asked me yesterday if I'd heard of it - which obviously means today I started reading it.

Phwoar. What a sucker punch. It's disarmingly candid. But if you have any issues feeling guilty about anything you ever did as a traumatised child, and think it can't possibly be forgiveable? This might be a book worth thinking about...or steering clear of.

Not a light read (although lightly written). But then, most of the best books aren't, yeah?


The Natural Way Of Things, by Charlotte Wood.

Holy shit (my initial reaction when I finished this book).

I missed the point of Lord of the Flies the first time I read it. This one ends differently, but I didn't miss the point this time (although, I'd done my homework googling the Hay Institute before I started it, which helped).

Some books are just bigger than...this was one of them for me. I need to read something reeeeeally soft now. I think I need something like Winnie The Pooh to recover!


Eggshell Skull by Bri Lee.
Unapologetically feminist, mind you she gives a consistent, clear personal reason why.

It's been surprisingly uncomfortable reading about the degree of shame, and then outrage, at what she went through. Which, relative to the audience on this site, would be considered 'mild'.

Wrongly, I think - but that's just unformed thoughts floating in my mind.

Hoping by the end I feel some of that same outrage on my own behalf which she reflects out to her reader. Also appreciating the endless, unanswerable questions and confusion about sex crimes in western culture.
Wow - I'd have thought with everything you've got happening right now @Sideways - you'd try a reading as a distraction. Not double down into the gravity of more trauma. But anyhow...

I'm reading The Locksmith's daughter - a historical novel relating to the development of intelligence services that started during the reign of Elizabeth I & her ongoing battle btwn the Catholic papist and Protestant forces in England. Straddled around Mary Queen of Scots and her supporters trying to dethrone Elizabeth. Slow construction of characters and a bit disappointed that the author chooses to write in a love interest. It's an interesting story without that.

But it's a spy story & holding my some what frazzled attention thus far so I'm just being picky.

Written by Karen Brooks, an Australian woman who currently resides in Hobart, Tasmania but hails from Sydney. Both good places to wet the appetite for novels about mystery and intrigue.


you'd try a reading as a distraction. Not double down into the gravity of more trauma.
I'm currently fixated on stories about how people actually recover. I'm not sure it's healthy! The last one I read was a Depression survivor - except the reviews subsequently revealed he ultimately sadly lost his battle. So...not recommending that one!

ETA I'm thinking Bri Lee may have been the reason I finally nutted up and disclosed some important stuff to my T. That was helpful:)


I found a Will Durant channel on YouTube. There are a plethora lol. Last night I did Newton. Reading these historical books I’m surprised at the things I assume but don’t really know. The things I thought I knew. I like the narrator which is the most important thing since I listen while sleeping . I run my iPhone through the stereo (with a wire I really gotta upgrade to Bluetooth). Love it.

Tornadic Thoughts

Becoming Animal - An Earthly Cosmology, by David Abram - thoroughly enjoying it, thus far - glad for discovering it exists and that our local library made it possible to get so quickly. I love the choice and flow of his words and the visuals they create.


A Painted House by John Grisham. Not his usual genre. A story about a 7 yr old boy living in rural Arkansas during the Korean war. It impacted me the most on the secrets he was forced to keep at that age and how he trusted his family enough to tell what he knew. Just a great story!