Readers thread: what or who are you reading right now?


Continuing the theme, I'm now on to Reasons To Stay Alive, by Matt Haig.

So far, it does appear that having, or finding, a life partner is an essential theme in mental illness survivor books. Dang.

Haig has (helpfully) pointed out that if you're in that moment where you're seriously considering suicide? It's officially rock bottom. The illness doesn't get worse than that. And that's an idea I can sink my teeth into.

He's also mentioned (multiple times): Depression and Anxiety are liars. They lie to us all day long, every day of the week. Another idea that I think might be helpful.

I don't think it's going to leave me with the same "Bring it, Life!" attitude that Bri Lee left me with. But it's a much lighter read. And my brain appreciates super-short chapters!