Readers thread: what or who are you reading right now?


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I am reading The Tripods trilogy from John Christoper which is completely out of character for me (seeing as how the books are fiction and YA fiction at that), but I got hooked after watching some of the television series that was canceled many moons ago. I have read the prequel and all but the last two chapters of the second book. I am really enjoying it.

I just finished the Bedford Handbook for Writing Tutors. It was brief but informative.

The Body Keeps the Score

I am also nearly finished with that. I need to pick it back up and really finish it, though. Thanks for the reminder!


...and for any that would enjoy Handmaid's Tale, the TV series is very good, as well.

It is, however, VERY intense and includes numerous scenes of virtually every form of abuse. Any potential viewer would be wise to consider how that may affect their internal state.

M. Atwood says that everything in the book is happening at least somewhere on this planet, in the present day.
Yeah I'm reading it very slowly because that's 100% true and at least it depends on my day and the point of process because that's 100% true. Baby steps bc still M. Atwood it's a terrific writer and she's reaaaally gooood

Lady of Longbourn

Jane Austen’s Emma.

Rani G2

would very much love to hear how you are getting along! Are you faithfully reading all the endnotes? ;)
@Allie D. Do get your admiration for Wallace.. must admit, I gave up reading him.. for now. You have definitely read „A supposedly Fun thing I’ll never Do again“? I’m just diving into bits and pieces due to slow brain capacity.

Right now it’s:

Blood Rites - Barbara Ehrenreich
Always Ted chiang when depressing moods come knocking
Resmaa Menakem - My Grandmothers Hands
James Baldwin Notes of a native son


I haven't been much of a reader most of my life but I've been reading Nick frosts bio the last couple of days. It's amazing how some of the people that make you laugh the most had very little to laugh about in there life's. After I finish this book I'm going to move on to the hatchet series. I figure if I can't live a wooded survivilist life right now I can atleast enjoy reading about it.

ms spock

I have got two fascinating books! I am reading "My Grandmother's Hands: Racialized Trauma and the Pathway to Mending Our Hearts and Bodies" by Resmaa Menakem and also "The Wild Edge of Sorrow" by Francis Weller! Wow my mind is expanding!


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Finished reading Leah Remini, Troublemaker, Surviving Hollywood and Scientology.

Enjoyed it. I like her, kind of a difficult character, very funny. I watched her series on Scientology too. Was kind of obsessed with it.

Enjoyed her book for a different reason - for it being easy to read, bit of a page turner. Nice break from my head.

Tornadic Thoughts

This human design stuff has kept me fascinated and intrigued for quite some time. I love learning more about these kinds of things, so I finally got the book to dig deeper: