Readers thread: what or who are you reading right now?

Tornadic Thoughts

In an attempt to steer my meal-time thoughts back to healthy nourishment and reminding mycell-ph of why it's so beneficial vs. convenient food-like substances and taste bud addictions of days gone by, I'm browsing through the Cleanse To Heal book by Anthony William.

It proclaims to include "healing plans" for sufferers of anxiety, depression, acne, eczema, lyme, gut problems, brain fog, weight issues, migraines, bloating, vertigo, psoriasis, cysts, fatigue, pcos, fibroids, uti, endometriosis, & autoimmune disorders. Rock on, dude.

All but 9 of those 19 things listed used to be major issues for me until I changed my habits. Falling off the wagon, in some regards - both off and on my plate, has made some of them resurface a bit and it's past time to nip it in the bud. My favorite part, so far, is the recipes. :) I skipped ahead a little. lol


Philip Pullman's "Golden Compass" fantasy trilogy.. It's also called "His Dark Materials", it's a really great series. I've read them a couple of times through, so they are both fun and familiar.
I've just started reading that, myself! My 19 yr old daughter bought it, finished it, and gave it to me.

I'm only just starting it though.

It's the hard copy, all-in-one book of books. :-)


I'm also reading
Plague of Corruption; Restoring faith in the promise of science
By Dr Judy Mikovits
& Kent Heckenlively, JD
Foreworded by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.


The Ross Hanna's: living, laughing, loving by Wayne Grinstead. It's a biography about a married couple who became missionaries to some areas in the US that needed all kinds of help. It is a children's book for teens, I am guessing.


I have not wanted to add for a while but reading a book that I feel super moved to recommend. ( I see this as huge progress - I was wary of recommending books forever )

I have read only the first chapter of ‘we need new stories ‘ by Nesrine Malik, but it’s challenging some long held opinions and forcing me to think. I really love books that change my opinion on things and I feel this might do this by the end on a couple of points. I’m already hearing points I have made robustly countered .