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Really interesting description of mdma-assisted trauma therapy



I'd be really interested to try this once it's been approved in the not-too-distant future

Has anyone tried mdma-assisted trauma therapy and found it helpful as described there?
I absolutely refuse MDMA therapy… as I’ve done both MDA & MDMA recreationally.

That SAID?

It is hands down the most EXCITING avenue of research/therapy for PTSD out there.

I just don’t do trust.

And MDMA? Is chemical trust

It durn well may have contribitued substantially as to how/why I was asymptomatic for a DECADE. And I enthusiastically encourage anyone/everyon to get into one of those trials. As? It’s fawking brilliant. 10+ hours per session, and all. I’m “just” trust-averse. So? For my own self? Nope! As I have mad trust/control issues. And know the potential influence in skilled hands.

Conversely? Again, I cannot more enthusiastically condone/encourage others to do so.
as I’ve done both MDA & MDMA recreationally.
Same and the numbing depression which didn’t arise until about five days later was awful. The whole world was flat and dull. I used to say that doing that drug was like using up a weeks worth of good feelings in one night. Maybe it’s different in the monitored treatment.