Recommendations for kids animated films?


Two animated movies that soothe me are Ponyo and the animated version of The Hobbit from the 80s.

I think what I like about those movies when I’m feeling overwhelmed is the slow pace and gentle tone. The Hobbit kind of gets scary at the end but the characters of Bilbo and Gandalf feel very safe to me. And in Ponyo there’s lots of “slice of life” moments which feel very caring.

Oh, another anime movie that has a gentle and caring tone is called “Okko’s Inn”. Not very popular, but it was very soothing to me. Nothing dangerous happens to any of the characters, it’s about making friends and developing confidence in one’s self.


My fave kids movies are Pixar (ESP Finding Nemo! At last count I’ve seen it more than 1,000 times,) & things from my own childhood like Tototro, as well as more modern things like Nickelodeon’s “Avatar : The Last Airbender” (not the M. Knight Shamawhatever travesty of a movie).


I tend to watch the same films over and over again these days - as long as it’s something I’ve seen before! - but I struggle to rewatch animations too often.

Best ones for me though are Monsters Inc, Rise of the Guardians, Toy Story and Oliver & Company.


Just want to echo the sentiment of not feeling ‘silly’.

There is a lovely meme that talks about children’s books being full of dragons and fairies and lions in the back of wardrobes while adult books are about war, divorce and arguing- so read children’s books ! Why not the same for film ?

( I know it’s a gross generalisation but I love children’s literature and my favourite film - not animated- is one I’ve been watching since childhood- The slipper and the rose. It’s beautiful and it has sad bits but happy bits, a dry script but - it’s beautiful to watch.


Wallace & Grommet are awwwwwwesome. 💕
First time I saw them was in a repertory theater that was showing "the best Commercials of the year". They played "A Grand Day Out", I was hooked....

They did a more adult oriented series that was web only called Angry Kid. Don't know if you have seen them but absolutely hilarious.


I never understood why (in Western culture) adults are expected to dislike animated movies and be ashamed if they did. I've always loved animated movies and still do and always will.

I love most Disney and Pixar movies from the 90s Renaissance onward. There's plenty more than the ones already named, including my favorites (Mulan, Moana, Finding Nemo), and you can find them all on Disney+. Aladdin, Tarzan, Pocahontas, Brother Bear (another of my alltime absolute favorites, but be warned!), Atlantis, Treasure Planet, ... kinda surprised Lion King hasn't been mentioned yet when the theme preferably is "animals". It's one of the few Disney movies that actually got a pretty decent sequel, too. Emperor's Groove.

Non-Disney: Spirit. Legend of the Guardians. Road to El Dorado. Ice Age. The Madagascar movies are kinda fun. So are the Despicable me/Minion movies.

One of my favorite movies has always been The Last Unicorn, but that doesn't exactly qualify as more-feel-good-than-not. Ditto the Swan Princess. Do *not* get tempted to watch Ferngully, either.

Anastasia might be a fit, not 1000% sure.

Over the Hedge

Kungfu Panda

How to train a Dragon

Coraline was top-notch. (also a big fan of Corpse Bride over here).


Forgot one: FANTASIA!!!


Ratatouille also was kinda cute.

Kiki's Delivery Service.


There was a super cute anime on Netflix a while ago, not sure if it's still on there: A Whisker Away
(though, while super cute and not really dark, it is a bit on the heavier side, so be warned)

I also go through phases of rewatching Sailor Moon :) That's gonna be high on my just-feel-good-list for forever.
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its a tv show on disney+

i like the tv shows more than movies because they usually have a long series and i can leave my sleep timer on for 3 hours and not have to move etc (which would reset my half-asleep mode) when the movie ended.

and for the day, when its on, so i dont have to stop what im doing to find another movie, which makes it harder to get back to what i was doing

but for movies:
any and all pixar, Cars and Planes especially
and any and all pokemon movies