Other Recovering after a new trauma

Hi everyone :)

Does anyone have any experience of recovering following a new trauma? I went through a new trauma a couple of months ago which led to a resurgence of my (mostly managed) PTSD. I've been in EMDR and IFS therapy since then (I got help straight away) and they've been helping a lot, and while parts of me feel very optimistic and hopeful and I do notice a positive change, I am still dealing with a fair amount of anxiety and struggle with worries that I'll be stuck like this. Does anyone have any experience of successful recovery following a new trauma? Or any hope to offer? Thank you so much :)
I’ve had a couple/few different experiences with this.

The worst (let’s start with something cheerful! 😉) brought me back to being fully / nonfunctionally symptomatic, after a decade of being asymptomatic. Complete relapse. As bad as I ever was PLUS more. For years. Seeeeeriously bad blow.

The best, didn’t even blip the radar. Yes, it happened; no, I didn’t care. At all. Zero effect.

More often? New trauma has fallen somewhere in the middle of that personal best/worst spectrum.

I have a history of complex trauma spanning 20 something years. So there is a whoooooole lot of personal variation. The best predictor of how bad things were going to be/get? Traumatic resilience: avoiding ptsd
Thanks Friday! Had to laugh at your opening line haha. Gotta love the dark sense of humour we develop 😆. So sorry you went through that, how did you recover that time?

Similar for me, I was asymptomatic for around 8 years to the point where I felt all cocky and like I didn’t even relate to the diagnosis (despite knowing I’d always be vulnerable to it coming back up again). Then BAM. Here it comes following another bigger trauma that mirrored an earlier one.

I wasn’t feeling optimistic when I posted this but I am now. If I have more fear and other symptoms then that’s something I will need to carry but it’s still something that I see as workable. I know how to be there for myself this time - I know the therapy I need to get, I have resources, I have wonderful friends. I felt hopeless when I posted this but now I feel resilient and curious about “what happens next.” PTSD is one of the most painful things we can experience but I’ll never not believe it’s not workable.

Thanks for sharing that article. IFS has been helping me reconnect to my inner resources and a sense of control despite my inner world and sense of footing, safety and self feeling blown apart since the incident. I realise I do have control and I can (somewhat/within reason) rely on myself to help keep myself safe. It’s such a cool therapy and makes me feel hopeful.

Thanks for sharing with me 🌻 makes me happy to hear that you seem to be in brighter days now